Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where does the skip go? This service is for driveways or private land only. Your driveway needs to have access for us to easily reverse to drop the skip. You cannot put this skip on the road outside your house. If you want a skip for the road please call us.

Q. How quickly can I get it?

sites rencontre montréal We can provide all skips on the next working day. Don't be surprised if you get it the same day though as that is our aim. You can also schedule the drop off if you want it at a later date.

Q. Can I put chickens in it? Yes you can, but we cannot take any toxic material, paint, gas canisters and specific other items, like fridges etc. We do offer a fridge service but for single items please review appliances. Our website has a list of forbidden items so please check if you are unsure. If you have any questions please email or call us.

Q. How much can I fill it? Remember 'Level Loads' only please. There is a marker on the skip that shows you where you can fill it too. This is for your safety and for when it is being transported. It is illegal to overfill a skip and it cannot be transported if overfilled.

Q. What if I need it longer than 14 days? Please contact us and we can extend your number of days - we just need to know that’s all

Q. What if it gets damaged? These skips get bashed around all day long. They are pretty strong. We doubt you'll be able to damage it, but if you do, just give us a call and we can decide what to do.

Q. What can I not put in it?

opcje binarne jak obstawiać If you think it shouldn’t go in, you're probably right. Here is a list of the kind of things:
• Solvents
• Corrosive liquid
• Biological waste
• Medical waste
• Laboratory waste
• Batteries
• Aerosols
• Gas canisters
• Pesticides
• Anti-freeze
• Paint
• Waste oils
• Motor oils
• Vehicle batteries
• Vehicle wheels
• Fire extinguishers
• Florescent tubes and light bulbs
• Televisions and computer monitors
• Fridges
• Absestos
• Explosives

Q. What happens to my waste?

viagra viagra online pharmacy Your waste gets processed at our authorised facility. We break it down according to UK and EU guidelines. Currently we recycle 94% of our skip waste.


Q. Do I have to lift a finger? No, we do all the lifting and disposal of rubbish into our van. You can sit back and relax but feel free to help if you like.

Q. Will you tidy up after?

follow link Yes, we will make sure we sweep up to ensure there are no small annoying bits left leaving your space nice and clean.

Q. Is there anything you don't take?

opções binárias videos Yes, we cannot take any toxic material, gas canisters etc. This service is for general rubbish, like your old belongings, garden fences, flooring, mixed construction items, carpet etc. If you are not sure please email or call us.

Q. What if I need more or I ordered too much? Sometimes people underestimate how much junk they have. If the service selected is less than what you need you'll need to buy another service. If you do this on the spot the same driver will wait while you do this and continue to fill (they will be able to estimate the total load required after seeing your rubbish). For example, If you need another 1/4 load just buy another one. Maximum we can take is one full load, but can come back for more ofcourse.

Q. I have less than I thought

If you over estimate the junk you have, don't worry, we will refund you the difference.

Q. What happens with my waste?

triamcinolone 3mg review All of our carriers are registered licensed waste carriers - meaning you can rest assured your junk will not end up at the end of the road. We sift yopur waste and recycle what we can.

Q. What if it takes a little longer?

fertomid 50mg success rate If it takes a little longer than expected for us to clean you will be charged an extra £20 per 10 minutes. Don't worry the driuver will agree this with you first and you can make an overpayment using the app just ask the driver how.


Q. Do I have to lift a finger?

allegra d prices walgreens No, we do all the lifting and disposal of appliances. You can sit back and relax but feel free to help if you like.


Q. How to use this features ?

There are no FAQs as yet, if you have a question please email or call us.


Q. How to use this features ?

There are no FAQs as yet, if you have a question please email or call us.